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Red summer

Summer`s officially over, but this post is going to be about our holiday in Spain, on the sunny Costa Dorada in Cambrils.

We stayed at the seaside 6 nights and 2 nights in the lively and cosmopolitan Barcelona.

One day we visited the lovely town of Tarragona, which we truly enjoyed. The following description is extremely true and captures the most important things that are to say about this Spanish gem.

“The eternally sunny port city of Tarragona is a fascinating mix of Mediterranean beach life, Roman history and medieval alleyways. Spain‘s second-most important Roman site, Tarragona has a wealth of ruins, including a seaside amphitheatre. The town’s medieval heart is one of the most beautifully designed in Spain, its maze of narrow cobbled streets encircled by steep walls and crowned with a splendid cathedral. A lively eating and drinking scene makes for an enticing stop.”

Here are my favorite pics from this destination to convince you that it is worth paying a visit if you happen to be in the area!





My outfit: backless red dress, an old statement necklace and sandals from




London diary

Last month I was in London for a special occasion, my highschool friend`s wedding.

I was thrilled when she invited me because, as I mentioned in one of my first posts, London, is my favorite city.

The wedding took place in a very special location in Watford, at High Elms Manor, an elegant place with an incredible garden. Unfortunately for us, the London weather had a little say and we were not able to enjoy the green space that they provided us.

Of course all eyes were on the bride, who looked stunning and perfect: the gorgeous dress, the smooth make up and the bouquet…everything was coming together like the pieces of a puzzle.

I wore a pretty dress from

Here are some pics. Enjoy!

the bride`s lovely bouquet








3 ways to wear…

…a suede leather jacket.

I really love my new acquisition. I got this just before leaving for Germany in a city break.

It is my suede leather jacket in a lovely chocolate color from (on  huge sale!! )

Leather jackets are a really great investment and they are worth every penny, especially when reduced.

They can be worn with jeans, a dress or a pretty skirt matched with some high heels, flats or boots!

So, in the following 3 days I will show you the 3 ways in which i decided to style it.

Day 1:

I wore a pair of H&M leggings, a shirt, my SheInside fluffy jumper and the statement piece: my jacket. As you can see, my shoes are flats because i needed them to be comfy to wander the streets of Berlin for endless hours.



DSC03983 DSC03987





Dinner with a view

It`s raining and it`s cold outside. I am having a terrible sore throat. So, in days like these the best thing to do is browse old pics from the summer holiday and drink lots of hot tea with lemon and honey.

Last summer during our stay in Puglia, Monopoli we had the chance to experience a lovely dinner at the wonderful Don Ferrante Dimore di Charme

The view is spectacular. The surrounding white blends perfectly with the light blue tone of the sea.


A short description of this fabulous and romantic place:

“Locanda Don Ferrante” Restaurant, built in a 16th century old gunpowder cellar, is located between the blue of the sea and the white washed houses among Monopoli old town alleys.


The restaurant will conquer you with its regional recipes and the typical flavors of Puglia and a large choice of wines. Mediterranean tastes and fragrances will seduce even the most exigent palate.

During the summer months, the dinner is served al fresco on our panoramic “Terrace Don Ferrante”, perched over the sea in a privileged location.


Our Lounge Bar, in a chilled out atmosphere, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cool drink or refreshing cocktail.

( )



Indeed, the culinary experience was truly satisfying. We enjoyed every bit of our meals and drank tasty wines.

The staff was extremely careful and lovely with us. They made us feel so well and made our evening more pleasant.

It was worth every penny and we highly recommend it.


The exterior
Streets of Monopoli

What I wore:

my favorite lace and chiffon mint top from Stradivarius

white shorts from Stradivarius

Zara sandals

old white clutch



Blue Christmas

So the holidays are nearly over…we can start typing again:)

My first post in 2015 is about Christmas, that I spent with my family in the mountains. Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to have snow, but the festive vibe was still on!

Christmas is a holiday that should be spent among the family and dear ones. If you have them, the rest is just details which do not matter anymore. Joy, love, warm, serenity was what I felt during my Christmas escape to my parents` and it was exactly what I needed!

Our location was in the mountains, in a very special and lovely place. There was so much impressive nature surrounding us, that it would have been a shame not to show you some pictures.

Here it is!

DSC03469 DSC03472 DSC03515 DSC03520




What I wore on the 25th of Christmas: jumper and leggings from New Yorker, a winter jacket from Villa and my mom`s old leather boots which are extremely comfortable and warm!

I got the stuff from New Yorker on sale and this jumper has quickly become one of my favorites:)

In my next post I will show you how we partied on NYE!



Non c’è nulla come Alberobello

Summer holidays are much more exciting if they are remembered during the cold season, like now! They do warm you up, right?

Well, having this in mind, this post is going to be about  Alberobello (Bari, Puglia), which I visited this summer.

First some info about this lovely place:

`Alberobello, in the region of Puglia in southern Italy, is a strange and picturesque destination which is becoming an important fixture on the travel itineraries of tour operators as well as independent travellers. The small town has been made a UNESCO World Heritage site for its unusual districts of trulli, the characteristic white-washed conical-roofed houses of the area. It makes an interesting day-trip destination or a pleasant base for a few days – especially if you stay in a trullo of your very own.`(

Our trip was one day, but it was enough to see the most important part of it.

I must admit that my curiosity of sleeping in one of the trulli is still on and if I ever have the chance, I would love to be part of such an experience.

Admiring the view

I loved the trullis. They are so tiny, cozy, unique, but I wander how comfortable are they? 🙂

Little trulli:)
Streets in Alberobello
See the signs on top?
Dear trulli, you are mine! 🙂

Besides the lovely trullis i really enjoyed walking around up and down the narrow roads and seeing colored flowers and green vegetation. All these colors mixed with the sea of white and nudes, made the scenery even more perfect.


Of course after all that walking we had to have lunch. We enjoyed it on a terrace with a view.

I must say that we did eat extremely well in Puglia, but the size… you can see…is huge!!!

….all the time and desserts were no exception!

Delicious pasta!
View from the restaurant!

Some more images from this charming place.

So much stone
Peculiar tree!
Mixed colors
Green and white!
Hit or miss?:)

What I wore:

silky dress:

sandals: Zara



NB for a walk

For a long time now, I`ve been wanting a pair of New Balance. I got my first one this summer and I was very very happy to see them.

Of course, on my holiday I needed a pair of pumps/trainers for walking days and sightseeing. So, it was the perfect opportunity to try my NB, properly. I took them to Italy with me. I wore them in Monopoli, Bari and Lecce.

When I bought them, I wondered whether they would be comfortable enough and I got my answer on this holiday.

After a quick snack in Lecce

YES they are!! I, personally, can walk for hours without feeling anything disturbing at all, because they are extremely soft.

Wandering the streets of Lecce

 I enjoyed matching them with shorts, jeans, dresses. Because of the color combination: grey and blue, I can easily pair them with almost anything.

Great architecture in Lecce

Lecce is famous for its Baroque style. The buildings are rich in exquisite decorations. It is stuffed with cathedrals, churches, all of them, in the same style that defines this city.

Trying to say something…? This is  The Roman Amphitheatre in Lecce.

 Lecce is the capital of the Lecce province, thus it is a more busy city with pubs, restaurants, shops, chic terraces.

Thanks to its architecture it is even called “The Florence of the South”. This is why, probably it is more packed with foreign tourists.

We loved it, of course 🙂

Nature spreading all over the building
A  park in Lecce
Nice, right?



Călina Diana

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Summer holiday in Monopoli

I`m back…my summer holiday ended.

This summer we headed again to Italy, but Puglia, in the south of the country.

It was great and you`ll see why.

We got there by plane, late at night, in Bari. We had a lovely dinner at this little, cosy and quiet restaurant.


Next morning we went to Monopoli where we sat up camp.

We booked a romantic and big room here, at Sogno d`Epoca, a bed&breakfast , which gets our full approval and recommendation. Definitely a good stop if you stay in Monopoli. (P.S. : you can count on Nino, the owner, for any useful information and extra tips)

6 comfortbale rooms, each with a little balcony
The entrance without reception. The breakfast is served in a nearby location.

.And then, we went straight to the beach. Here is the port of Monopoli:

Port of Monopoli
Shades of blue
Lonely ship
Window with a view


Monopoli : ` is roughly 156 square kilometres (60 sq mi) in area and lies about 40 kilometres (25 miles) southeast from Bari. It has about 53,017 inhabitants.The city is important mostly as an agricultural, industrial and touristic centre.` (

For me,  Monopoli is a quite, little town with great restaurants and friendly people.

The old town is exactly as expected: narrow paved streets, old people sitting and chatting every night…here and there a sleepy cat, a lot of ice cream, balconies with views and many flowers….

More flowers…
Roof terrace and restaurant
Old lime stone buildings and walls

Yes, we had a lovely time here.We enjoyed our hotel, the lively people and the food, of course. We were spoiled with quality olive oil, seafood, pasta, and the sweetest desserts.

In my future posts you will see the other towns we visited during our stay in Puglia.

Sea at night
Old town Monopoli


Călina Diana

Amalfi coast part II

Yes, this is the second post about last year`s summer holiday in Italy.

First, some pics from Amalfi.

Amalfi is more crowded than Maiori, where we stayed on the Amalfi Coast. It is packed with tourists from all over the world willing to check all the main attractions from the list. We, instead, just enjoyed walking on the busy streets and spot details.

Can I have this? And that, and that….leather bags!
Really? 🙂
Narrow streets
Enjoying the view


I really have to mention the great desserts that I enjoyed here! Yes, I am a lover of sweets, we have a special connection, we cannot live our lives apart 🙂

I notice sweets immediately!
And then I enjoy them!

And off we went to Sorrento, which I thought was lovely!

Modern, crowded, busy, great terraces, bars, restaurants, lovely sea views and streets where you can walk all day and night:)


This is an amazing detail of the lobby of a top restaurant

Of course, the sea here, was great too. The shades of blue were heartbreaking and more than beautiful!

Sea view


Wish I had these in my city 🙂

I loved these mini markets on the paved narrow streets. Fresh fruits, vegetables, great colors, flavors, the noisy vendors…..choosing something was the worst and hard thing one could do.


Those lemons are to die for!

So, that`s a wrap for the Amalfi Coast, but in my next post I will review Tuscany, lovely Tuscany!

But until then, I`ll leave you with this lovely quote that I believe it is 100% true!

Write that down!





My visit to….

Today we are going to visit the wonderful Ravello. This is one of the cities that impressed me the most, last year, during our holiday on the amazing Amalfi Coast.

What is so special about Ravello?

Well….let`s see….first, its incredible setting and surroundings.

On the hills, so that you can have a proper view of the sea and the coastline

I will have to admit that the snaky road gave me a bit of headache, but when we got on top, it was truly all worth it.

What I loved the most about Ravello? Its sumptuous gardens, for sure.

I adore the mix of stone and green
Every girl loves flowers, am I right?
This is old and modern to me

DSC00536There is such an abundance of green, nature, flowers, trees, views…it is ecstatic and overwhelming.

Flowers, sea and a clear, blue sky….perfect
Lovely corner
And it got greener and greener

Ravello managed to surprise us with every move we made, like here, in this photo. Who would have thought I would get a Halloween-ish vibe in full summer, in this Italian city?

Fresh veggies

It would have been a pity, that, in this incredible piece of heaven, one would not be able to sit and enjoy a proper Italian meal….This is why, in Ravello, there are restaurants with a view and extremely good food.

We tried to dine here, but it was fully booked of course….
Even the terrace was fully booked….
Isn`t this pretty?

As you can see in the last picture above, Ravello can be a great place for a memorable wedding reception or ceremony. Yes, indeed, we saw an Asian bride and some of her guests taking pictures with the stunning views.


We couldn`t help it, and did the same. Could anyone resist to such beauty?

The sea
My outfit: vintage floral dress, without knowing that Ravello is a city of flowers 🙂

How comforting would it be to drink your coffee early in the morning or have a late dinner, here, exactly here?

I don`t know about the first part, but dinner, we did enjoy it in Ravello, in a nice, cozy restaurant…with a view, of course!

The view
and the food

Conclusion: I would love to go back to Ravello, during the Music festival and stay longer….