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Vintage pieces

I love clothes, vintage too if they match my style!

My outfit in the next pictures it is 100%vintage.

The central piece is my old jumper from highschool, when I was around 17 years old. My mom made it for me and this is why it is one of my favorite of all time! Because it is very warm I can wear it only when I go in an extremely cold place, like the mountains, where I spent my Christmas holiday with my family.

I love the pattern and the details and I still remember mom working hard in order to make it perfect for me!





This next piece is more vintage than my jumper, because it used to be my mom`s. This is the shearling coat! I`ve always wanted to wear this beauty. So when I was in the 10th  grade, If I remember right, mom decided that it was time to give it to me and i was the happiest girl! For me it`s stylish, feminine and it will never go out of style:)




The scarf is from my mom`s wardrobe and the boots are a present from my boyfriend for last Christmas.




The setting is also vintage, which was a pure coincidence: an old and extremely colorful vintage car and a pretty cozy hobbit like little house.


In the end I just want to say a special „Thank you„ to mom for having made this wonderful jumper and for having the patience to take this pics for me on a freezing day:)




Be good!

The party season has officially ended on the 1st of January.

A New Year is ahead.

Looking back I am thankful for having my loved ones near, having a job, a shelter, my friends, food and clothes.

I thank you 2014 for giving me energy and strength to deal with you.

2015 please be good and kind to us. Bring joy, happiness to me and my family. Let us be healthy in order to do all what we`ve got planned.

This year I will:

appreciate more what I have

be more happy

be more positive

be more kind

read more

post more

workout more

eat more healthy

watch more old movies

and …… buy less clothes ? 🙂

And here are some pics from New Year`s Eve.

What I wore:

old ankle boots from Zara

old cardigan

and my long awaited navy sequined dress from, which has quickly become one of my favorite dresses.

I can`t wait to get the chance to wear it again! I felt so good in it.

I thought it was feminine and sexy.



10921800_10152516472642143_1320070107_n (2)



I wish you all a great Happy New Year!



Blue Christmas

So the holidays are nearly over…we can start typing again:)

My first post in 2015 is about Christmas, that I spent with my family in the mountains. Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to have snow, but the festive vibe was still on!

Christmas is a holiday that should be spent among the family and dear ones. If you have them, the rest is just details which do not matter anymore. Joy, love, warm, serenity was what I felt during my Christmas escape to my parents` and it was exactly what I needed!

Our location was in the mountains, in a very special and lovely place. There was so much impressive nature surrounding us, that it would have been a shame not to show you some pictures.

Here it is!

DSC03469 DSC03472 DSC03515 DSC03520




What I wore on the 25th of Christmas: jumper and leggings from New Yorker, a winter jacket from Villa and my mom`s old leather boots which are extremely comfortable and warm!

I got the stuff from New Yorker on sale and this jumper has quickly become one of my favorites:)

In my next post I will show you how we partied on NYE!



Letter to Santa

It`s nearly here …. only 8 days left till Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year.

I love Christmas because of its festive vibe. The city lights, the tree ornaments, the cinnamon and orange flavors that fill the house while you unwrap gifts on a snowy and chilly Christmas morning.

Oh…and let`s not forget watching Christmas movies every night. This activity should be a tradition for all families 🙂 And speaking of Christmas movies, my favorite is The Holiday. Jude Law with his unique British accent, the English countryside in winter time, Cameron Diaz`s fashionable outfits and the romantic love story, make it my all time number one!!

Wishlists…everyone must have one these days.

I present you mine!

Santa write it down, please!

-from I would like to get under my lovely Christmas tree these beauties:

Grey leather ankle boots
Bag no. 1
In case I`m spending my Christmas in the mountains, i would definitely need these furry slippers
Bag no. 2

-I`ve always wanted a pair of UGG. This could be a great opportunity to purchase one, right?

Classic short navy by UGG
or the classic mini in leather

-I once owned a Molton Brown set and I totally adored it. So, my dear Santa, it would be extremely nice if you got one set for me (no preferences, I take whatever you have to offer 🙂 )


-or maybe the Cherry Blossom pack from L`Occitane, Santa? I can deal with both 🙂

Loveeee the scent of Cherry Blossom from L`Occitane,83,1,29831,471838.htm

-next on my wish list is this perfume from DKNY:


-and because i have to look pretty this season, I really need these from

Yves_Saint_Laurent_Touche___clat_2_5ml_1366274791 Remington_Keratin_Therapy_Pro_Curl___CI8319_1381227560 Remington_Keratin_Therapy_Pro_Volume___CB65A45_1381227416 Anna_Sui_Lips_Colour_Palette_1405678786 Caudalie_Divine_Oil_Indulgent_Set_1414138195_main Burt_s_Bees_Essential_Burt_s_Bees_Kit_1367481336_main bareMinerals_Main_Attraction_Collection_1414158861 Elizabeth_Arden_Prevage_Lash_brow_Serum___Mascara_Set_1415370490

-next, I will need some fun girly company in my cold winter nights, and who`s better then Sophie Kinsella and her latest Shopaholic series?


-and I saved the best for last:

overview_hero_hero (1)

As you can see, I am not asking for any specific piece of clothing, because you might miss the size, but, no worries Santa, I will personally take care of that `Special clothing wish list`. It is only, but Only to ease your job!

P.S.: Santa I`ve been a very good girl this year! My Christmas tree looks incredible and I will make my special banana bread and orange biscuits for you

I`ll leave them next to the tree, in case you get hungry while dispatching all these presents.

And my list is really short…-ish….you really don`t want to see the `special one`!



Razzle dazzle

This is the season to sparkle and shine.

Be glamorous, glittering and …. fabulous!

The simplest way? A statement dress that will make you feel special and unique…

My picks for the party season, that is nearly here, are from It was so difficult to choose just a few, because there are so many worth being mentioned, but the ones that i will post are all sparkly and shiny, ideal for the New Year`s Eve.

So enjoy!

asos 3
Silver metallics
asos 4
It`s all about sequins this winter!
asos 5
I love this girly girly dress
asos 6
Lace cannot be omitted 🙂
asos 23
I love the retro vibe of this look!
asos 56
Maxi, backless, sequined dress….too much? Not for this New Year`s Eve!
asos 90
If sequins are too much for you, try this pretty dress!
How gorgeous is this beading?
asos 453
Lately I have been a fan of collar dresses
image1xxl (2)
Maxi again
image1xxl (4)
If you are into a pink mood…:)
Or your favorite color is yellow?
image4xxl (5)
Mini or maxi
image4xxl (1)
I love this one!!
asos 654

And let`s not forget about accessories…what about these ones?

image1xxl (3)



asos 65
from Dune with love!
asos 67
pure beauty!
Golden shoes for golden girls!
image1xxl (5)
Touch of blue!
image1xxl (6)
Shining stars!

Do not ask me which is my favorite because i simply cannot choose! I want them all!!! 🙂




Last week, in the exact day that the VS Fashion show took place in London, Karl Lagerfeld presented his Métiers d’Art collection in an 18th century castle in Austria, more exactly, in Schloss Leopoldskron.

My first impression when seeing the pictures, was that the atmosphere of the setting was extremely cozy, warm, perfect for a snowy winter in the mountains.

The pieces of the collection were lovely and special: coats, capes, knits, two pieces suits and some delicate evening dresses. All of them really made me smile and dream of a world in which, opulence meets good taste, women always wear beautiful clothing and know how to accessorize an outfit and where, less is more is just an old cliché, because, if you add some personal style and a bit of taste, the proper word for it turns into “luxurious”!

Keeping the Chanel personal and unique touches and color frames, Lagerfeld added some new alpine elements.

I truly loved the mix of fabric, from knits to chiffon, lace, tweed, cashmere, satin, all complemented by  detailed embroideries and fine jewellery.

Oh….and the hats….true works of art!!

Here are my favorites:

Love the color, the Victorian neck, embellishments
How extremely stunning is this ?
White is for winter, right?


Great color
What an accessory! 🙂
You need statement necklaces when in an Austrian castle, right?
Subtle piece
In love with the grey coat!
Winter fairy

And the occasion wear that I chose:

_A2X3150 _A2X3522 _A2X3609 _A2X3624

It was a real Métiers d’Art and a true enchantment for the eye. I`d love to wear them all!

Santa be good!



Pics from:

Folk embroidery

Here, in Romania this autumn has been one of the best ever. The temperatures are so nice. We have loads of sunny days and this can only make me feel happy.

I love wearing long sleeved dresses in fall and this one, from ASOS is my favourite, lately.

I bought it online and I was extremely pleased to see that the fabric is warmer than I thought.

I am not a fan of black but I got this one because of the special folk embroidery which make it so different and unique.

I wore it twice already and got loads of compliments!

I am also wearing my favorite bag from ASOS too, but I`ll show you this one in a further post.





And….I cannot say goodbye without showing these lovely delicate roses that I got earlier the day!


“I hate when he buys me flowers! Said no woman ever… “



Green love

For I don`t know which reason, I love green, dark green in the cold season.

Browsing around, I spotted some great choices on and

Here they are:

a sequin skirt or dress is always a good option for a festive day or partywear



And the must have accessory this season….say hello to the lovely green fedora hat! I love these hats. They remind me of Downton Abbeyy and Lady Mary:) Yes, I am a huge fan and I am so sad that today is the last episode of this season! It will be long till next autumn 😦


Accessories also mean bags….every lady loves a new bag. Here are my fav` green ones:



658594_main (1)

For a 100% green ensemble what about this two pieces?

-lovely shimmery top in RI stores and website


-and midi skirt (DP)


But, my favourites are from DP: ankle boots


and this pretty dress


See you soon!



Choice of knits

As previously mentioned I am a knit lover!

This post is all about jumpers, cardigans and knitted dresses.

My first choice is from (by the way they have free worldwide delivery this weekend!!)

Paired with a midi skirt and some heels, this would definitely look chic!
Loved this 2 in 1 piece that goes perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans, short boots and a fedora hat!

From I really liked these ones because of the warm pastel colors and the fluffy texture.


httpwww.dorothyperkins.comendpukproductclothing-203535knitwear-203563heather-pom-pom-jumper-3236296bi=121&ps=20This fall, I also love coatigans….a warmer and a longer cardigan that we can wear as a jacket under a shirt, a dress or a light top. I really loved this one, from, mainly because it comes with a fur collar.


Also, on the same online store I found these embellished beauties that took my breath away. I think this kind of jumpers are an extremely great investment because, due to the ornaments, you don`t have to wear too much jewellery. They already have it.


and back

Now, from, it was the hardest. There are soooo many lovely pieces, so different, that it made my job so difficult. Still, I managed to pick some. They are different, color block, printed, with lace details, embellished, these are my favorites:

a touch of lace
color block
with jewellery
funny print and fluffy
a pop of color to match with this season`s colors
metalics for a night out

Also, on I found these lovely knitted dresses, and my favorite is this one, because of its unique combination and the nice colors.

httpwww.asos.comASOSASOS-Jumper-Dress-In-Rib-Knit-With-Lace-SkirtProdpgeproduct.aspxiid=4204442&cid=2637&sh=0&pge=11&pgesize=36&sort=3&clr=Coral&totalstyles=626&gridsize=3I also like this one. Those sleeves are so cool!!

httpwww.asos.comASOSASOS-Knitted-Dress-With-Raglan-Sleeve-In-NepProdpgeproduct.aspxiid=4030133&cid=2637&sh=0&pge=8&pgesize=36&sort=3&clr=Blue&totalstyles=629&gridsize=3These two also made my list:

image1xlimage1xxl (6)

Enjoy your shopping!


Călina Diana

Welcome autumn!

I like autumn!


Well, I can think of various reasons. First of all I love wearing knits, tights, boots, scarves and warm pijamas!

I like my knits warm, fluffy, with high neck.

Since I was a little girl, my mom used to knit lovely pieces for me: jumpers, hats or gloves. As I grew older I realized that I began to truly love these, during the cold season. So, naturally, I began to buy knitted clothing and each year in September, I get excited, thinking, that the time to wear them has finally come:)

I feel extremely comfortable in knitted dresses paired with large hats and fur vests.

Wool, angora, mohair, cashmere,…whether they come as a sweater, a cardigan, a dress or an accessory….I can wear them all.


Walking on a carpet of colored leaves with the warm sun in my hair, wearing my favorite knit and having a hot chocolate with my best friends it`s a true blast, a perfect autumn day.


I don`t need too much during autumn. Snuggling under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea and watching some of my favorite TV shows….. can make my evening perfect!


This is why, I welcome you, dear autumn! Be my friend this year and let`s have some fun together!


Outfit: dress: (bought this spring, on sale)

short boots:oldies but goldies

Mom`s necklace, earrings and knit (Thank you mom:) )



Călina Diana