Red summer

Summer`s officially over, but this post is going to be about our holiday in Spain, on the sunny Costa Dorada in Cambrils.

We stayed at the seaside 6 nights and 2 nights in the lively and cosmopolitan Barcelona.

One day we visited the lovely town of Tarragona, which we truly enjoyed. The following description is extremely true and captures the most important things that are to say about this Spanish gem.

“The eternally sunny port city of Tarragona is a fascinating mix of Mediterranean beach life, Roman history and medieval alleyways. Spain‘s second-most important Roman site, Tarragona has a wealth of ruins, including a seaside amphitheatre. The town’s medieval heart is one of the most beautifully designed in Spain, its maze of narrow cobbled streets encircled by steep walls and crowned with a splendid cathedral. A lively eating and drinking scene makes for an enticing stop.”

Here are my favorite pics from this destination to convince you that it is worth paying a visit if you happen to be in the area!





My outfit: backless red dress, an old statement necklace and sandals from




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