Vintage pieces

I love clothes, vintage too if they match my style!

My outfit in the next pictures it is 100%vintage.

The central piece is my old jumper from highschool, when I was around 17 years old. My mom made it for me and this is why it is one of my favorite of all time! Because it is very warm I can wear it only when I go in an extremely cold place, like the mountains, where I spent my Christmas holiday with my family.

I love the pattern and the details and I still remember mom working hard in order to make it perfect for me!





This next piece is more vintage than my jumper, because it used to be my mom`s. This is the shearling coat! I`ve always wanted to wear this beauty. So when I was in the 10th  grade, If I remember right, mom decided that it was time to give it to me and i was the happiest girl! For me it`s stylish, feminine and it will never go out of style:)




The scarf is from my mom`s wardrobe and the boots are a present from my boyfriend for last Christmas.




The setting is also vintage, which was a pure coincidence: an old and extremely colorful vintage car and a pretty cozy hobbit like little house.


In the end I just want to say a special „Thank you„ to mom for having made this wonderful jumper and for having the patience to take this pics for me on a freezing day:)




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