Be good!

The party season has officially ended on the 1st of January.

A New Year is ahead.

Looking back I am thankful for having my loved ones near, having a job, a shelter, my friends, food and clothes.

I thank you 2014 for giving me energy and strength to deal with you.

2015 please be good and kind to us. Bring joy, happiness to me and my family. Let us be healthy in order to do all what we`ve got planned.

This year I will:

appreciate more what I have

be more happy

be more positive

be more kind

read more

post more

workout more

eat more healthy

watch more old movies

and …… buy less clothes ? 🙂

And here are some pics from New Year`s Eve.

What I wore:

old ankle boots from Zara

old cardigan

and my long awaited navy sequined dress from, which has quickly become one of my favorite dresses.

I can`t wait to get the chance to wear it again! I felt so good in it.

I thought it was feminine and sexy.



10921800_10152516472642143_1320070107_n (2)



I wish you all a great Happy New Year!




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