NB for a walk

For a long time now, I`ve been wanting a pair of New Balance. I got my first one this summer and I was very very happy to see them.

Of course, on my holiday I needed a pair of pumps/trainers for walking days and sightseeing. So, it was the perfect opportunity to try my NB, properly. I took them to Italy with me. I wore them in Monopoli, Bari and Lecce.

When I bought them, I wondered whether they would be comfortable enough and I got my answer on this holiday.

After a quick snack in Lecce

YES they are!! I, personally, can walk for hours without feeling anything disturbing at all, because they are extremely soft.

Wandering the streets of Lecce

 I enjoyed matching them with shorts, jeans, dresses. Because of the color combination: grey and blue, I can easily pair them with almost anything.

Great architecture in Lecce

Lecce is famous for its Baroque style. The buildings are rich in exquisite decorations. It is stuffed with cathedrals, churches, all of them, in the same style that defines this city.

Trying to say something…? This is  The Roman Amphitheatre in Lecce.

 Lecce is the capital of the Lecce province, thus it is a more busy city with pubs, restaurants, shops, chic terraces.

Thanks to its architecture it is even called “The Florence of the South”. This is why, probably it is more packed with foreign tourists.

We loved it, of course 🙂

Nature spreading all over the building
A  park in Lecce
Nice, right?



Călina Diana

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