Summer holiday in Monopoli

I`m back…my summer holiday ended.

This summer we headed again to Italy, but Puglia, in the south of the country.

It was great and you`ll see why.

We got there by plane, late at night, in Bari. We had a lovely dinner at this little, cosy and quiet restaurant.


Next morning we went to Monopoli where we sat up camp.

We booked a romantic and big room here, at Sogno d`Epoca, a bed&breakfast , which gets our full approval and recommendation. Definitely a good stop if you stay in Monopoli. (P.S. : you can count on Nino, the owner, for any useful information and extra tips)

6 comfortbale rooms, each with a little balcony
The entrance without reception. The breakfast is served in a nearby location.

.And then, we went straight to the beach. Here is the port of Monopoli:

Port of Monopoli
Shades of blue
Lonely ship
Window with a view


Monopoli : ` is roughly 156 square kilometres (60 sq mi) in area and lies about 40 kilometres (25 miles) southeast from Bari. It has about 53,017 inhabitants.The city is important mostly as an agricultural, industrial and touristic centre.` (

For me,  Monopoli is a quite, little town with great restaurants and friendly people.

The old town is exactly as expected: narrow paved streets, old people sitting and chatting every night…here and there a sleepy cat, a lot of ice cream, balconies with views and many flowers….

More flowers…
Roof terrace and restaurant
Old lime stone buildings and walls

Yes, we had a lovely time here.We enjoyed our hotel, the lively people and the food, of course. We were spoiled with quality olive oil, seafood, pasta, and the sweetest desserts.

In my future posts you will see the other towns we visited during our stay in Puglia.

Sea at night
Old town Monopoli


Călina Diana


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