Who, what, where?

I love the big award ceremonies from the States because, of course, I  get the chance to see extremely lovely outfits.

So, today, i decided to write which were my favorite looks from the 2014 Emmys and why:

Julia Roberts, who is also, one of my old time favorite actress, in a playfull and extremely fun Elie Saab dress. I particularly loved the bubbly embellishment and also the mid length, not the usual awards gown, which sometimes, to me, can be a bit boring and somehow predictable.

Julia looked great!


Next, Lady Mary…whom I loveee in Downton Abbey and…her outfit was a surprise because it is the first time I see her with so many jewellery. Who knew Lady Mary can get a boho/indie twist?:)) Or whatever those accessories say to you:)


How daring must you be in order to wear a white suit? This is my opinion on this outfit. I think she is totally nailing it! Big like



This next dress is amazing first of all because of its lavander-ish soft color. Then the cut, the silky fabric and the belted waist which adds a special touch !


 Isn`t she a pure vision in white? This dress, to me, says delicacy all the way…


Of course never aging Heidi could not miss my top dresses from this year`s Emmys. I especially love the touch of color from the earrings.


Here a few other dresses that i thought were pretty and worth being mentioned in my post:





Still, my favorites are Julia and Halle Berry!







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