My favorite city



I fell in love with London when I was at the University, fall 2007. It was love at first sight!

It lasted 4 whole months. I lived in Southfields, near Wimbledon Park, on Elsenham Street:)

Why do I love London?


the basics

there`s old&new;

Tower of London

modern& oldfashioned;diversity;people;Royals;history;architecture; design;




Oxford Street
Oxford Street

art; music;sports;parks; Cadbury;the tube; fish and chips; scones; 5 o`clock tea;BBC Radio 1; Tea in the park; pubs; restaurants; food; Jamie; the best rain in the whole world; Christmas decorations; Chelsea and Made in Chelsea!

And my favorite part of London is………


Is there anymore to say? Well, I could add that London is fun, attractive, alive, entertaining, empowering, welcoming, fresh, intimidating sometimes, spectacular, warm, unforgettable. It`s the city that offers you all, whatever your imagination desires.

And this quote it is sooo true:


My next and last visit to London was in 2010/2011, but I can remember it as if it was yesterday.

The places, the people, the noise, the buzzing streets, its vibrations and its flavors, make of London unique, peculiar and phenomenal.


The worst part is that, once you`ve been there, you can`t get it out of your head and you wish to go back again and again…

So, will you please



P.S.: Did I mention that I love the British accent? 🙂

And do check this link if you want a drink with a proper view!




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