Red dresses

Why wear red dresses?

Asos dress

Because red means energy, power, passion.

It`s really interesting that, when I was in my early 20s, I wasn`t such a big fan.

Actually I can`t remember having red dresses. I surely owned red tops and shoes, but not a single red dress.

Now, when I`m 29, I love them. I would wear a red dress anywhere and at any time.

Maybe there is a time for everything……. after all!


But why do women not wear red dresses?

Well…it is a striking color that gets noticed immediately. This means that it`s more than certain that u`ll have all eyes on you. But once you wear it, that perfect shade, perfect fit……there`s no coming back! 🙂

Let`s have a look at some great red dresses:


Give it a try ladies, u`ll feel incredible!


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