Styele icons part I

One of my fav style icons is…..


Miss Olivia Palermo!

Who is she? `Olivia Palermo (born February 28, 1986) is an American socialite. In 2009, Palermo came to prominence after being cast in the reality television series The City, which documented the personal and professional lives of Whitney Port and her friends.` She `worked in the PR department for Diane von Furstenberg and later the accessories department at Elle`.


Find more about Olivia on her website:

Let`s see why I`ve chosen her as my first style icon! First of all, her effortless chic style.

Whether it`s a high street piece like Zara, Mango or even Asos


or an extremely expensive designer one, she manages to look impeccable and to wear it in a unique way.

Mixing lace, fur, silk, maxis, minis, interesting jewellery…it`s all at her fingertips.


Olivia`s style is very versatile: romantic, boohoo, casual, sexy, smart, masculine, feminine….she always makes an appearance and rocks it!




What else besides a great style?

She`s got famous friends !



And of course….an extremely handsome boyfriend, actually husband. Yes, she married Huebl in a small New York ceremony on June 29, 2014.

And what did lovely Olivia wore on her wedding day? This:


Did I love it? Yes, every aspect of it.

Even though it came as a shock, it was a pleasant one….I can see myself wearing something like that at an unconventional ceremony!


Final conclusion: Olivia is annoyingly, heartbreaking fashionable with a wardrobe that, I would love to have, because up to now, I would have been thrilled to wear 90% , if not,  100% of all her outfits.

Let`s enjoy some more high fashion from this lovely fashionista!

Such an adorable dress
Latest must have: monogrammed Burberry blankets….you can have it…it`s only $1,395 ! A bargain! (

P.S. Olivia, wanna be my bestie?:)



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