Xmas jumpers

I just can`t believe how fast the time goes by. It is December, again. It seems like just yesterday I was writing a similar post on this topic…

Anyway, I have prepared a selection of great Christmas jumpers from http://www.dorothyperkins.com and http://www.asos.com.

I love them all and I cannot choose only one favorite. They are fun, cozy, warm, fluffy, colorful and they do get you into the Christmas spirit.

Enjoy !


55248782_large55255233_large55331724_large55332322_large55335630_large55347827_large55352127_largeimage1xxl (1)


Calina Diana


Suede crush

What looks great on our feet during autumn ?

A pair of short suede boots…flats or heels…I love them all.

They can be paired with everything…from skinny jeans to skirts and dresses…for an even more chicer look just go with a suede fringed vest and a fedora. U will surely look fashionable and cool.

I`ve picked my favorites from http://www.asos.com and they come in all colors, which is great!

Here they are! Make up your mind, if you can!

image1xxl (3) image1xxl (4) image1xxl (5) image1xxl (6) image1xxl (7) image1xxl image1xxl (1) image1xxl (2)



Denim dress

Because the weather here is cold and rainy, I will show you an outfit that I wore on a rainy day in London this July.

I love this Bellfield denim dress. I bought it from TK Maxx, but you can find it on ASOS, too. I especially liked the flower embroidery.

I paired it with some nude flats from Mango, an ASOS bag (www.asos.com) and a H&M cardigan.

It was perfect for a rainy stroll through the streets of my dear London.

Our walk began in Wimbledon Park, which is one of my favorite spots.



Afterwards we went straight to The Shard where we had a lovely drink and had the chance to find a table just by the window. How cool was that?




Tip for everyone visiting The Shard….just go have a drink in the bar and enjoy the view while seated at a table, instead of paying for the full ticket that takes to the highest floor. You will still have access to a great view.


And because we got hungry we went to the nearby Borough Market where I had some Chinese food and an extremely, I mean mouth-watering, dessert.

DSC04281 DSC04321


That was my extremely satisfied face while enjoying my wonderful cookie.



Red summer

Summer`s officially over, but this post is going to be about our holiday in Spain, on the sunny Costa Dorada in Cambrils.

We stayed at the seaside 6 nights and 2 nights in the lively and cosmopolitan Barcelona.

One day we visited the lovely town of Tarragona, which we truly enjoyed. The following description is extremely true and captures the most important things that are to say about this Spanish gem.

“The eternally sunny port city of Tarragona is a fascinating mix of Mediterranean beach life, Roman history and medieval alleyways. Spain‘s second-most important Roman site, Tarragona has a wealth of ruins, including a seaside amphitheatre. The town’s medieval heart is one of the most beautifully designed in Spain, its maze of narrow cobbled streets encircled by steep walls and crowned with a splendid cathedral. A lively eating and drinking scene makes for an enticing stop.”

Here are my favorite pics from this destination to convince you that it is worth paying a visit if you happen to be in the area!





My outfit: backless red dress, an old statement necklace and sandals from http://www.riverisland.com



London diary

Last month I was in London for a special occasion, my highschool friend`s wedding.

I was thrilled when she invited me because, as I mentioned in one of my first posts, London, is my favorite city.

The wedding took place in a very special location in Watford, at High Elms Manor, an elegant place with an incredible garden. Unfortunately for us, the London weather had a little say and we were not able to enjoy the green space that they provided us.

Of course all eyes were on the bride, who looked stunning and perfect: the gorgeous dress, the smooth make up and the bouquet…everything was coming together like the pieces of a puzzle.

I wore a pretty dress from http://www.asos.com.

Here are some pics. Enjoy!

the bride`s lovely bouquet








Special day


Now, when a new era is going to begin, I can say, that life has thought me some important and useful lessons:

love is all we need

enjoy every minute

be kind

give as much as you get

be thankful for all you have

take care of your body

love your imperfections

breathe more

care less about other people’s opinions

follow your dreams


And talking about being 30….here is a nice-funny-true read:




Summer memories

Summer is here once more and we are happy and excited about it!

What does summer mean to me?

Well….sea, sun, sand, maxi dresses, sandals, colors, endless nights on the terrace…

Summer is also watermelons, melons, ice cream, fresh raspberries and delicious salads!

The following pictures were taken last summer in Puglia-Monopoli.

I am wearing my lovely white boohoo dress. It was love at first sight with this one…and that is mainly because of its yellow gems.

For more pretty dresses this summer check their site : http://www.boohoo.com/






3 ways to wear…

…a suede leather jacket.

I really love my new acquisition. I got this just before leaving for Germany in a city break.

It is my suede leather jacket in a lovely chocolate color from http://www.mangooutlet.com. (on  huge sale!! )

Leather jackets are a really great investment and they are worth every penny, especially when reduced.

They can be worn with jeans, a dress or a pretty skirt matched with some high heels, flats or boots!

So, in the following 3 days I will show you the 3 ways in which i decided to style it.

Day 1:

I wore a pair of H&M leggings, a shirt, my SheInside fluffy jumper and the statement piece: my jacket. As you can see, my shoes are flats because i needed them to be comfy to wander the streets of Berlin for endless hours.



DSC03983 DSC03987





It`s all about the fur

When I was a little girl I used to believe that fur is for old ladies.

Luckily, I`ve changed my mind. I think a good piece of fur can make you look extremely posh and sophisticated at the same time.

On http://www.asos.com you can find all kinds of furs: elegant, vintage, classic, colored, striped, patched and the good news is that 90% of them are on sale:)

My favorite pieces are the following:

– these fur scarves which can be used as a peculiar accessory

image1xxl (1)
loving the stripes and the colors
can`t get enough of stripes, right?

-short fur jackets that can be paired with skinny jeans, leather skirts and high knee boots

image4xxl (1)
how cool and rock`n`roll does this vintage piece look?
different texture and different styling
image1xxl (2)
we can wear furry pops of color, too!
image4xxl (2)
leggings and fur? like!
image4xxl (3)
ombre fur? yes, please!
image1xxl (9)
two toned …
image1xxl (8)
one of my favorites from Warehouse

– mid length and longer fur coats can really make you feel like a true lady

image1xxl (4)
the eternal white faux fur
image4xxl (6)
or this fluffy one with a leather collar
image4xxl (5)
great color!
image1xxl (6)
I would love to have this in my closet!! River Island you did a wonderful job with this one!
image1xxl (5)
faux fur coat in vintage shearling
image4xxl (4)
wool and fur? perfect combo!

– and again, one of my favorite; I have a crush for patches, it seems!

image1xxl (7)
looks divine!!!

– of course I had to show you some fur gilets

image4xxl (7)
my top choice

image4xxl (8) image4xxl (9)